5 top interior design trends for 2022

In 2022, interior design will centre around bringing a feel of the natural world indoors with an awareness of sustainability and upcycling when decorating. Our colour palette will be more confident as we head into more feelings of hope and positivity for the future. We’ll see trends focused on health and wellbeing with that being at the forefront of design – healthy homes and sustainability with inspiration from nature.


Here’s 5 top interior design trends for 2022


1. Shades of Green

During the pandemic our connection to nature grew tremendously and it’s never been so important. The most immediate association to nature is the colour green – after being trapped indoors for so long we’ve really come to appreciate the power of nature, that’s why we are inviting every shade of green into our homes to get our constant fix. 

Pinterest has seen searches for green interior inspiration increase by 80% as we embrace nature-inspired green tones in our homes. Design experts say the trend will be used to bring the outside in – we’ll see shades of green blended with our interior through the use of plants, timber and terracotta. With statement pieces like green velvet sofas, sage or olive painted walls and jute textured rugs. 

Decorating with green can seem daunting, but you can always just add pops of rich jewel-toned greens through cushions, prints and decorative items like vases and candles. As green is a neutral colour it offers visual comfort. Recreating a connection to nature indoors is said to help reproduce some of the health and mood-boosting qualities that you get from spending time outside.



2. Colourful kitchens

As we are slowly emerging from a time of uncertainty we are wanting to step away from comforting neutrals and explore a feeling of hope and positivity for the future through bright, optimistic colour combinations. The heart of a home is the kitchen, so it’s no wonder a broader palette of colours is being brought to this area of the house. Colourful stoves and AGAs, bright painted walls, accessories and splashbacks will be really popular.

Kitchen designers are introducing colourful shades to cabinets, experimenting with different levels of furniture and kitchen islands. We’ll see confident looks with alternating shades of cabinets to create a modern and playful space. A joyful colour palette will be mixed with print and pattern, embracing a bold combination. Retro, traditional or modern, there’s no doubt colour and big print and patterns will play a big part within our kitchens in 2022.



3. Cottagecore

Cottagecore emerged in late 2021 and will take its dominance in 2022 thanks to the huge amount of dreamy cottagecore content shared across Instagram and TikTok. Cottagecore is the epitome of the good life, countryside vibes, sprawling meadows and wildflowers. It harnesses the look and charm of an idyllic country cottage with floral prints, chalk-painted surfaces and organic woods and textures. 

This combination creates a wholesome, pastoral, rural feel that is restful for the soul. The feel of the outdoors is once again brought in, connecting us to nature – foraging and homebaking go hand-in-hand and embrace sustainability within the home.


4. Sustainability and Upcycling

We will continue to see an emphasis on sustainable materials, responsible manufacturing and the resale and upcycling of furniture and homeware.  With the increased exposure to climate change, the idea of feeding sustainability into our interior home design is at the forefront for many. There will be a move towards furniture with reclaimed woods and accessories with recycled glass and metal.

We’ll see more conscious choices in materials, more secondhand furniture and homewares and homeowners taking a more hands on approach with DIY projects to create a more mindful home. Low-waste living and upcycling is at the centre of this approach, and we will definitely see a rise in this. A recent survey by Blind Direct has revealed over two thirds of UK homeowners are choosing to complete most home improvements themselves.



5. Statement lighting

Often the lighting in a room is the afterthought, but we’ll be seeing more and more interiors designed around statement lighting. Lighting is now seen as being more of a decorative object and is a very popular trend going forward. 

Dramatic pendant lights, large chandeliers, statement wall lamps and intriguing table and floor lamps are all part of this lighting trend. Exciting new styles are being designed – statement lighting isn’t just fixtures, it is a great way to create an ambience and highlight various features in your room. Creating a relaxing light, work light or to show off artwork, it can be both functional and fashionable in 2022. 

We hope we’ve given you a good insight into the top interior design trends for this year and you may enjoy trying some in your home. If you’re ready to buy a new home or looking to put your property on the market, click here to find out more about our property services.

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