Tips for improving the exterior of your property: How can painting your door make a difference?

First impressions do count, and this is particularly true when it comes to our homes. New research has revealed that decisions like the colour of your front door could make a significant difference to the value of your property.

A recent study by housebuilder Harron Homes found that 43% of house buyers have made up their minds about a property within five minutes of seeing it and that first impressions when viewing a property really do matter. 


Kerb appeal

Your property’s kerb appeal is really important when selling your house – it’s all about the attractiveness of the surroundings of your property and it’s view from the street. When you think about it, the first thing a potential buyer will see will be the exterior and front of your property. A nicely painted front door and some planters could make all the difference when presenting your property to a potential buyer.


Tips for improving the exterior of your property

A new door: Replace your door if it is needed or consider restoring your existing door, aim for a door that will give you security and durability.

New door furniture: When updating your door furniture there are a few things to keep in mind.

–    Salvage old metal fittings

–    Stick to a consistent style

–    Match the old with the new

–    Consider your doors style

Chrome could be a good finish to choose as it is the hardiest finish requiring little or no maintenance. If your interior is more contemporary, then a nickel finish will work well with period joinery. Mellow rural exteriors will be better complemented by softer antique tones such as bronze or brass.

Extra finishing touches: Choose a door knob to suit your style. Letter boxes can either be horizontally slotted in the centre of the door, or place a vertical letter box in the doorframe. Door knockers are another accessory to consider – traditional designs often feature animals, while modern versions tend to be simple chrome rings or bars. Finally, a visible house number is essential for deliveries and any visitors.



Consider your external lighting: Less is more when it comes to fitting external lighting. Lighting should direct you safely to the front door, especially if the front of your home has any steps. Lighting can also be used to direct you away from areas you do not want people to visit. An important consideration is to think about exactly how much light you will need so that you can control your lighting – switch it off when not needed or install sensor lighting.

Tame your lawn and perfect your planting: Aim to create a front garden that will complement the architecture of your home and respect your neighbours. For planting, aim for one striking planter and avoid lots of smaller pots. Long, shallow window boxes look smarter than smaller ones. You could even match metallic planters with the metalwork on the front of your house to tie all elements together. Do not forget the practical elements like bike stands or bin shelters – you could paint these to blend them in with the setting.

Add a porch: A well-designed porch should be both aesthetic and practical, framing the front door while providing shelter, light and increasing the promise of a warm hallway. A porch can also make a house feel like a home. The addition of a porch can provide shelter, make the home more aesthetically pleasing and overall add some value to your home.


Best colours to paint your front door

There’s lots you can do to improve the look of your front door. Start by taking a look at the other properties on your street and in your neighbourhood. If your neighbours are opting for classic muted colours, you might not want to make a stand out choice and vice versa if your neighbours are choosing more bright door colours this could be the motivation you need to step outside the box and be more daring. 

Here are some colours we think are important to consider when freshening up the exterior of your property:



Blue is amongst the most popular colour choices for a front door but there are so many different shades to choose. So, where do you start and which colour shade to pick? Royal Blue compliments a red brick exterior, making the front door stand out and pop. Duck Egg Blue is a popular choice in seaside towns as it acts as a reminder of the scenery around and the exterior will suit the property. 

Midnight Blue works well accompanied with golden door furniture like letterboxes and door knockers. In general, brighter blues work well with smaller properties and grander homes tend to work well with a strong navy or midnight blue. Be careful though as bright blues can sometimes make your property look cheap. Blue can add up to £4,000 in value and is the estate agents favourite for selling your house.



Green is another option to consider for your front door. For country cottages a soft green such as Farrow & Ball’s Green Ground or Lichen can be quite charming. If the exterior of your property is white, a deeper shade of green such as Farrow & Ball’s Studio Green, Duck Green or Bancha would work really well. A brick cottage would suit the softer shades of green, like an olive or a sage green. Greens are seen to be a soft, welcoming colour so it has been a more popular choice in recent years. Green can add up to £700 in value.



Grey can be a somewhat tricky colour to pair. Grey usually works best if the door is dressed with a white door frame. The best shade choice will vary based on your location and how much of a statement you would be willing to make. French Grey is a good option for your front door. We would also suggest Farrow & Ball’s Down Pipe or Manor House Grey.



Black is a very popular door colour choice and it also gives a lot back in terms of increasing your property value. Black is a classic, elegant and smart look but it can sometimes feel quite cold. Black can add up to £1,000 in value.



Red is a classic colour to choose and another popular choice. Red works really well with brick houses and will most definitely make your home stand out from the rest although if not done right it can be a quite aggressive colour to choose, so pair it well with some planters. Red can add up to £1,800 in value.

Bright colours can add a nice pop of colour to your home, it can make it stand out from the rest and generally work really well on your property. Some good choices are orange, lime green and pink. More standout colours will always come with a risk as your choice might not be the choice for everyone. But having said that, these risks sometimes do pay off, so why not take a chance and be daring. Bright, striking colours can add up to £4000 in property value when done right.

Overall, a classic colour for your front door seems to be the best option, as long as the colour keeps in mind the architectural type of the building and the location – you will have the perfect set up to entice potential buyers and increase the value of your property. The colour blue is the most popular choice as it adds the highest amount of value without the risk that a bright, bold colour can bring, and brown seems to be the colour to avoid as it can actually put you down at a loss.


We hope our insight into how you can improve the exterior of your property has been useful and given you lots of ideas to help you when looking at trying to sell your property. 

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