What to think about when relocating

Relocating has become more and more popular since Covid and the change in working culture it brought about for many of us. With lots of companies adopting new working from home practices, more people can achieve the work/ life balance they’ve always wanted without being committed to a single work place.

While moving house always brings about challenges, relocating to a new unfamiliar area can be both exciting and even more stressful. There’s lots of things to consider when you’re picking up your life and moving somewhere new – here’s some important things to consider if you’re thinking about relocating in the UK:

What sort of lifestyle are you looking for?

Thinking about the pros and cons of the location you’re thinking of relocating to is a great place to start when making the decision. If you don’t already have friends and family in the area you’re planning on relocating to, it’s wise to think about the lifestyle you’re looking for, which for many people means whether there’s a good sense of community.

If you attend a place of worship it’s best to check this would be easy for you to get to, as well as checking the local amenities to see if they cater for your hobbies or kids activities, such as the gym, swimming pool etc. Local shops, town centres, bars, parks etc… are all important things that make up your lifestyle and are super important to know about before comfortably relocating.

Will the living costs be sustainable?

Before relocating it’s best to calculate the cost of living in your planned destination; break down your housing costs and look at transportation and food. Consider your income, expenses and budget to make sure you won’t spread yourself too thin relocating. A spreadsheet is a great idea with realistic expenses for your new area – the cost of living can be more than you realise.

How will you get around?

Most of us will drive, cycle or walk to get around – determining your preferred method of transport can help you decide if the place you’re thinking of relocating to is right for you. 

Things like access to cycle lanes, easy access to the motorways and local transport can be important factors, so you’ll need to make sure the infrastructure is in place to suit your needs when relocating to a new area.

Moving with a family and pets?

When moving as a family a relocation has to work for all of you. Schools, doctors, dentists, libraries are important things to consider. If you have pets, making sure there’s outdoor space nearby and a local vet should also be on your list.

Are you taking care of your wellbeing?

From deciding where to relocate to, what house to choose and packing up to making that leap, this process takes its toll on your physical, mental and emotional energy. Whilst it might feel like another thing to think about, trying to manage your stress within this period is just as important as making the big decisions linked to relocating.

Relocating is a big decision and should be one that’s well thought out – there are lots of things to consider before making the move. You need to make sure that all the elements align when it comes to creating the lifestyle you’re looking for. If you’re thinking about relocating to Cornwall get in touch to find out how we can help you every step of the way.


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